30 July, 2010

on the road again.

look at this wonderful picture
my v. v. talented friend Ryan Muirhead took of my boys.

then tell me their abundant adorableness
didn't make you poop in your pants.



we're on the road again.

back to Utah for baby Chelsea's wedding
(don't worry, baby Chelsea is 24 as of yesterday).

On a side note,
she's marrying a prince.

but like, for real.
she is.

I'm feeling kinda bleh from all this travel.

You know how it's just common womanly knowledge
that you gain 5 lbs for every 1,000 miles you spend in
a car eating road trip food?

Well, folks,
I've been in a car for 6,000 miles. . .
with ZERO shortage of road trip goodies.

Watch out world!
and please, don't look at me from behind.

happy weekending!


FootPrints said...

traveling mercy my friend

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

your boys are very darling, very.

enjoy the wedding and hope you eat a lot of delicious wedding food to make up for the road trip snacks.

Jen R. said...

Another connection... Ben and my sister in law went on their missions together. "it's a small world after all!" sorry I just got back from disneyland a bit ago.

Heather said...

Your boys are adorable! Almost pooped the pants. Almost. ;)
You have got to love road trip food. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

shelly said...

I really, really NEED this picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Natalie, you will be doing laundry for 4 days straight when you get home. Good time for a diet :-) The photo by Ryan is wunderbar!

Heather said...

Just clicked on Ryan, saw the first photo that came up and thought that Ryan looked JUST like Zac Efron. Come to find out, the photo I was WAS good 'ol Zac. Impressive.

Kristy Carlson said...

What TOTAL cuteness! I know how you feel about the traveling and the 5 pounder! Right now my family is a traveling sideshow. Seriously, yuck.

About me said...

Holy cow! the same person who took my nephews pics took pics of zac efron! I love zec efron! dont tell the prince i am marrying in a couple days though... I do love him more than i love zac efron.. i swear! Im excited to see you!

alpinekleins said...

After two weeks of vacationing myself - I think I don't have to eat until about this time next summer :)

(I saw your twitter and thought "she MUST be in Utah tonight . . . ."

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