28 July, 2010

This is an alien. Love, Cardon

Today Cardon was looking at Cousin Ashley's art
with Grandma.
He decided he wanted to draw something for her.

"To Ashley,
This is an alien.


richie said...

Awesome picture Cardon! That's a GREAT alien! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I love you!

Unknown said...

CARDON! Thank you for such a fantastic alien! I love how tall and green he is! Maybe we can share paintings when you come to Utah! What is your favorite animal?

Kristen said...

It certainly doesn't look like me. So it must be an alien.

Love it.

shelly said...


My favorite animal is an elephant. What's your favorite animal?


Cardon Gregory

About me said...


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My favorite animal is rabbit.I like it very much.Thank you for such a fantastic alien!

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