02 August, 2010

huppy burfday big guy!


There's no one I'd rather "ride the river with."

Happy birthday baby!




richie said...

Thanks babe! I LOVE YOU! You seriously are the most wonderful woman in the world. I couldn't imagine a better wife and mother of our children. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

P.S. You ride the river way better than me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture and even more beautiful love notes between the two of you...
I love you both.


awww....I LOVE daddy/baby pictures...A LOT! Great photo!

shelly said...

I LOVE YOU, Richie! Happy, Happy Birthday! Thank you sooooo much for spending it with your wife as she did a photoshoot of your sister. You make me so proud. Truly honored to be your mom. Every single day. How in the world did I get so OLD???

Annie Link said...
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Annie Link said...

Richie!! You are The Boy I prayed for --for all the years Natalie was growing up . . . thanks for being So Perfect for (and to!) my baby girl!

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Your other momma

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