05 July, 2010

beyond obsessed.

Dear Kelly,

I am completely and totally beyond obsessed with this.

like, as in,
I think my level of enthusiasm is absolutely unhealthy.




Mindy said...

Thanks. Thanks a lot. Now I have something new to be obsessed with. ;)

shelly said...

Ooooo! I love it, too!

Amelia Kate said...

Man, I've been wanting one of her bags for so long! You should convince her to do a giveaway for all your faithful readers. *cough* ;)

Janeen said...

Oh, I've been debating on a new bag and I've talked myself out of the Kelly Moore, but now you have me back to wanting one. :) Such a cute bag!!

Kierstan Correnti said...

This is beautiful, but my ephiphanie bag holds more! All my lenses plus my extra back up body. And its beautiful, I get complimented on it all the time by non-photogs...

I do love those free bags for loyal readers... :)