05 July, 2010


just went with our may-as-well-be-cousins
to see Thoroughly Modern Milly here in Cardston, Alberta.


bet you didn't know I used to hop and bop around
on the stage in my former life.

did a fair bit of choreography as well.

kinda missed it tonight. . .

and by kinda I'm sure I mean, oh so totally.

Michelle, you were FAB!!




Olivia said...

I remember hopping and bopping around on stage with you in that former life. :-) Those were great times!

Trisha said...

you are right! Michelle was FAB!! :)


i love cardston! that is where i was married!

shelly said...

Nat, I would give anything to have seen you perform your many performances in your former life! I keep meaning to ask your mom if she's got videos....

Nathan Williams said...

we're from magrath!.. right near cardston

enjoy the trip

Melissa said...

As soon as I saw the picture, I knew you had been to Cardston -- we went on the next night! (I've been reading your blog for a while now but haven't commented before.) Anyway, we live here in Cardston and LOVE the shows they put on every summer! I hope you had a great time and that your time in Calgary is awesome as well!