12 June, 2010

sister friends.

don't mind the zero make up. . .
or our disheveled hair. . .
or our absurd arrangement of beach attire. . .

my 27th birthday | 2008
image by Jon

I have certain friends in my life who I call sister friends.

and these are a few of them.

on Monday, the last of us,
excluding my lonely self,
is headed off the island to other wonderful adventures.

Dori, please don't go.

I love you girls so much. . .

and I miss you every day.




The Price Family said...

I am going to miss you too!! But hey, we will see each other in Seattle soon. I wish we were going to California so when you went there for vacations we could all be in the same state :( Five years has just flown by and I am so grateful I have you as a sister friend now. I love you Nat.

Heather said...

I love those girls too.

Well Nat, there's only one solution: YOU move off that rock too! Please? We'll discuss.

Annie Link said...

Oh, I'm so sad Dory and Jesse are going too!!

Why in the world do people want to leave paradise?

I love you Dory and Jess! Thanks for being such amazing and supportive friends to my lovelies.

Stephanie said...

We will miss the Price clan so much! Worst part about living in Hawaii- people who are amazing leave. Often. Love you guys!

Bridget said...

Hi Natalie,
I just emailed you this link: http://www.groupon.com/seattle/ (but your auto responder blew me off - ha ha). The special of the day is a boat tour in one of the prettiest spots of Washington State. Perhaps you're interested in doing that when you come to town.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had some great fun Natalie!

Kindsay and Erik said...

I miss you Nat! And I miss hanging out with you and these cute girls too! It was so nice when we all lived so close to each other. I can't wait to see you this summer. I'm really excited about it!!!

Amy and Luke said...

you get hundreds of comments on each post. it's no wonder, your blog is powerful, entertaining and heartbreaking all at once. i have left you an award on my blog b/c I enjoy yours so much. your boys are beautiful.


.From Her. said...

I just now read this.

And totally started bawling.

I miss you ALLLLL.