21 June, 2010


Epcot at night. LOVELY.

I've missed you!

I couldn't for the life of me find a way to blog from my tele,
so. . . I'm sorry a billion times over for the long gap between posts!

I've been enjoying Orlando. . .

well, really. . .
I've just been enjoying my family.




and that's really all I can think to say.

other than this:


Cardon sees a dwarf for the first time in his life
and LOUDLY proclaims:

"That's the smallest grown up I've ever seen!"

it was awesome.

and our small friend was ever so gracious and understanding.


similar to the other day when he saw a tiny filipina
in an elevator and said:

"Dad! How does a grown up get so tiny?!"

oh cardon.

oh. oh. oh.


Dawn B said...

that is great! I am 4'9, so I get alot of the "looks" from kids. Not sure what their thinking (am I a kid or just a really strange looking grown up), but it can be hysterical at times!

Ange~ said...

Just FYI, midget is a derogatory term- they prefer to be called "little people".

Lindsay De McBride said...

I am so glad that you guys are having a blast. We miss you guys. I wish you could come our way we are only 10 hours away from Orlando. Love you

TLCbull said...

Glad you are enjoying the mouse house. We are CA regulars, but the vibe is still the same wherever you go Disney. Now that you are feeling sentimental about Disney and family, go back and re-listen to the song "Welcome" from the Brother Bear movie sound track...
It's our family theme song :-)

Just Me said...

Ha, ha, ha. My neice has dwarfism and we get that a lot. Don't worry too much, our family would rather the kids ask than grow up to be scared of other people/or just not understand.

Yes, Midget is a derogatory word, fyi. Best not to use it! (It is the term they used when dwarves were used as cicus freaks...)

Natalie. said...

thanks for educating me friends! I don't want to seem insensitive or unaware! Sorry! xx!

Andrea said...

hahaha gotta love kids. the other day my kids were staring at a man with an artificial leg and couldn't stop talking about it. Its not like I could leave either. I was at the car dealership getting my car fixed. He seemed okay about it and I kept trying to explain that sometimes people get in accidents. At least their honest and curious!