10 June, 2010

my mom.

Dear Mom,

I love you,
and tomorrow is your birthday.

I rewrote this post a billion times.

trying to be eloquent.

but there is just not another way to tell you how much I love you
than just to tell you. . . how very much I love you.

because I do.

Love you.

So very very much.

There could NEVER EVER have been a better mother
for me than you.

Thank you.

for all of it.

especially the part where you gave us your all.


Happy happy day.



(and your gavin too)


Sharon Lei said...

You have a beautiful blog here. And this post was so touching.

xx Love & Aloha

Annie Link said...

Precious Baby Girl-

Your eloquent life is better than any perfect words.
It is your Thank You
And your shining I love you.

YOU are my Happy Birthday.


shelly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Annie! I love you!!! And THANK YOU for providing me with the perfect match of a daughter-in-law for my Richie! Just another reason I'm glad you were born!

Chipper62 said...

Nice to know that there are wonderful people out there who share a special day with me. Happy belated birthday Annie, from Loveland Colorado. You have an amazing daughter who touches peoples lives everyday.

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