02 February, 2010

in love with this.

I am completely in love with this.
Service is the sure conduit to happiness.
Of that, I am certain.


Chelsea said...

I've been singing this song all day and posted this exact same talk! What a wonderful talk by such a great man! Just keep truckin' along and you will feel happiness and continue to feel peace and His love! Praying for you!

Truly Silkes said...

Hey Natalie, thanks for posting this, it's beautiful. Will use the thought today with my girl scouts!

A day without doing good is an empty day. And I think standing beside a kid about to loose a milk tooth counts, too :-)

Not sure if laundry counts, though ... hmmm.
Thinking of you,

Heather said...

This is so wonderful!

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting that. I get to wrapped up in me. I need to serve a little more. :)

The Belnaps said...

funny...I have this quote nice and big and in vinyl letters on my wall as you walk in my home (well not the whole thing but the very first part)...love, love, love it.. I have been blog stalking you for a while now. Your words and entries are inspiring. I think of you and your sweet Gavin often. I have a daughter Maggie who is a few days older than he would be. Thanks for sharing.