11 February, 2010

I need an advil.

I need a pedicure.

and an Advil.

and definitely a massage.

and a house keeper. and a shoulder to cry on.
and a girlfriend to giggle with.
and a book to record my lunacy.
and to bring back the handkerchief so I never have mascara under my eyes.
and a hot dog with sauerkraut.
and a long walk on the beach.
and a skip in my step.
and a novel to lose myself over.

and a waistline.
that would also be nice.


Stephanie said...

i can help you with a couple of those anytime you need! call me up giiiiirl. :) or maybe i'll just bombard you one day with like four of those things. i'll make you eat a hot dog as we walk down the beach giggling and then i'll clean your house. yep, let's do it!

Rebecca Waldron said...

Haha I loved this post. I'll come over with Stephanie and we can do all those things and I'll clean your house anytime. Seriously. AND I want to do yoga too, but right now I desperately need to go to bed. Goodnight!

JulieAnn said...

Well, here's a long-distance shoulder dedication for you. And here in DC, we have plenty of snow, so I'd be happy to share some if you wanted. If I still lived in HI, you'd have no chance of not having a pedicure or a few giggles. Hang in there. :)

Hil said...

the waistline... that's a killer isn't it? a baby pooch with no baby to show for... i so know the feeling.

prayers are always with you! your words are beautiful and help me heal. thank you.

Unknown said...

Ditto. :(

Rae said...


Richie said...

thanks girls. :)

and babyless mommies . . . don't we all just WISH we couldn't relate to the waistline thing? I mean SERIOUSLY!

Natalie. said...

OOPS! That Richie was me. . . Uncle Richie HATES it when I accidentally comment as him. . . he he he!

KrisP said...

I hear ya!

Michelle said...

Hi Natalie, You don't really know me. We met at a craft day in the fall. I having been meaning to go get a pedicure with some money I got for Christmas. I would love some company if you want to come with me.



Andrea said...

This post was so nice since I feel the same way most of the time. Keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts. If I lived closer I could help you out.

liko said...

just let me know when...
(i JUST read this)

Unknown said...

Natalie, I absolutely love your sense of humor. I swear you can make me laugh and smile, then tear up and then smile again all within 30 seconds. Love you!

Leisa Tapia said...
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