11 February, 2010

for weston.

I have nothing left.
no more decorated words strung together in thoughtful eloquence.

only "please."

. . .

here I am again.




knowing, that soon,
I'll drive you all away by asking so very much.


but for Weston?

for Callie?
Isaac, Ila, Ruby, Lulu?

there is no choice.
I would do anything.


Weston was born with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot.

and now,
Weston is at the PICU,
that same familiar PICU. . .
battling a severe case of RSV.

on top of a dangerous heart condition?

please just pray.

and pray.
and pray.

please. please. please.

please pray.

because Weston?
well, he's worth it.


Jon, Callie, Kids,

we love you.

with all our souls.

our prayers began before he was born
and will continue long after he is well and whole.

from hearts that know,
at least a little,

auntie nat, uncle richie
and boys


hchybinski said...

all of you - and Weston too - are in my prayers.


Unknown said...

*tears* love to you nat...prayers coming all! the! time!

Larry Reeves said...

Thanks for posting. You said it the way I never could. All my heart and prayers go to the Canlas fam right now.

Lipscomb Family said...


nomo wino daph said...

Many prayers and (((HUGS)))!

Laura said...

That's how I feel too; asking for prayers for the people in my life who need them. You're not driving me away - instead you're drawing me in. I'm praying for them. For your family.

If you could, add Matt Miller to your prayers. He [the brother of my co-religious ed teacher] has pancreatic cancer and has almost completely lost the will to fight and to live. I think that the only way to save him is through prayers. God is with him, but I don't know if Matt knows that.

God bless you and your family, Natalie.

Alicia said...

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'
You are the instrument through which the Grace of God travels around the world to unite hearts in faith and prayer.
I'll add mine to yours.

Sassy Salsa girl said...

You could never ask too many times for prayers, I will add mine.
ps-because I love your blog and find that I must visit everytime you post I have given you an award on my blog.

Laurina said...

Weston, his loved ones, you, gavin and your loved ones are in my prayers...not many words are needed x x

Lauren said...

You won't drive anyone away. My friend was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and had her first open heart surgery at a week old; she's now 22 and plays soccer in college.

There is always hope.

Rae said...

You won't drive us away by asking for prayers--prayer brings people closer. Praying for Weston.

Rae said...

And...just because I hope it'll comfort you some to know--your name and your family's names are on the prayer role in the St.George temple. As well as Bronson's.

Unknown said...

I think you are special Nat. I just lost my son to a heart condition as well. SEVERE heart condition-- nothing they could do for him, but even with that condition, he was beautiful for 44 days! I sure miss him.... Prayers mean everything because that's almost all you CAN do. I smile when someone offers and asks for prayers.... BECAUSE. THEY. {you} GET. IT.

Much Love,
Jess- Angel Stephen's Mommy

Chipper62 said...

Nat, just wanted to give you an update on little Ryan Carter Willden, as you have said, "God is a God of miracles. Ryan had open heart surgery on Monday, February 8th and today, Thursday, February 11th he is home resting comfortably. Four days, that is a miracle, they had been told it would be a minimum of 7-14 days and here he is four days later, home and sleeping in his own bed tonight. Thank you for posting for him on, and thanks to everyone who offered prayers.

Fran said...

You and your sweet family and of course precious Weston and his family are in our prayers. As always love and hugs from NC

Amy said...

Not driving anyone away here. I will be praying for Weston and his family.

Shasta said...

Here is a website I found. I am telling you about it because I love this concept. She is in Australia but maybe you could do something like this; http://namesinthesand.blogspot.com/. You are wonderful. You are brave and I love you for your honesty. It has obviously helped a lot of people. We are more aware of illness than ever before. Thank you.

Tasha said...

You are bringing the world closer one prayer at a time! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You are a portal for all of us to pass through and to be given an opportunity to forget about ourselves for even a moment which in turn gives us a moment to learn how to come unto Him and be healed from the burdens that lie ever so heavily on our own personal spiritual shoulders.

Don't ever apologize for providing us an opportunity to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

Oodles and oodles of love!


Carly B.

Windthicket Fables said...

Of course. As I ALWAYS pray for the children.

Kristen said...

They are an amazing family. Be strong, little Weston. Never say never.

Heather said...

There is ALWAYS room for more prayers for others! They will be included in mine. I also just wanted you to know I put your name in the temple the other day. I hope that helps. :)

A said...

We used to be neighbors of the Canlases. They are a great family, so sweet. We learned about Gavin from Jon's facebook posts, and now we have come full circle with Weston being on your blog. We are praying for your poor heart, we have prayed for little Bronson, and we are now praying for Weston as well. I think people are more than willing, they just need to know! And you have been great at spreading the news. I wish I still lived by Callie so I could help her out, but as it is, they are in our prayers.

richie said...

Prayers and fasts for you Weston. Love you Jon and Callie!

Amber said...

You see I have this friend. She lost her husband a few months back after he fought a valiant 4 year battle with cancer. He was 30, leaving 3 young babies and an emptiness she was sure she couldn't replace. But she, like you, did not let the darkness swallow her up. It dimmed her light for a bit, which is to be expected, but then she, like, you turned tragedy into something wonderful.

She began to serve others. Seek out those who were going through similar situations. And give and give and give. I have never seen anything like it. She began to glow again.

Her heart, as yours is, will always be a little bit broken. But what you are doing here, recognizing the need for prayers for others suffering while you still need so may prayers of your own. Well that's pretty stand up in my book. Beg any time you want. You will only drive this mama closer.

Unknown said...

You will NEVER turn me away asking for support for these little ones. Sounds like Weston has a CHD, the very disease I work so hard for. The very condition that took my Cora. I'm off to find him and support him and his family in any way possible. You have such a kind, gentle soul. xoxo

Unknown said...

Just saw there is no link. Please give me an email if you think being connected to others with Weston's condition could help. kbrite at gmail

Natalie. said...

Kristine, both Callie and Jon's sites are linked above. Jon's is canlasphotography.blogspot.com and Callie's is calamazoo.blogspot.com