09 March, 2009

It's that time again!

Classes are scheduled tentatively as follows:

  • Regular classes: April 2nd, 9th and 16th at 7-8pm.
  • Bonus: come shadow me on a real shoot! Observe me in action. Saturday April 18th 9:00am. I'll think aloud as I conduct a real portrait session followed by an onsite q&a.
  • Location: Laie, TBA.

Foundational Photography
  • Regular classes: April 1st, 8th, and 15th, 8-9pm.
  • Bonus: come shadow me on a real shoot! Observe me in action. Saturday April 17th 9:00am. I'll think aloud as I conduct a real portrait session, to be followed by an on site q&a.

These classes will sell out, so register today!


"Before I took the PhotoMoms class I just let the camera do all the work. I figured pushing the button down would ensure that the moment was captured and then that was that. Of course when I'd look back at the pictures a majority of them weren't at all worth the time it took to push the button and they were promptly deleted. After taking the class I have become more aware and braver in taking my pictures. I'm also more aware of angles and lighting now. Thanks Natalie for your class, it made me come out of my shell a bit more as a picture taker and has put me one step closer to being a photographer."

PhotoMoms 1.0 attendee

" Your workshop was great. I'm really glad I took both the classes. Everything was explained so simply. You rock!"

PhotoMoms and Foundational Photography 1.0 attendee

"I had done a lot of studying on my own about all the technical stuff prior taking the class, so for me it was being able to ask questions and hear about your strategies and approaches to 'uncommon' situations/settings that was so helpful. You are amazing."

Foundational Photography 1.0 attendee


Scott & Tami said...

You don't even know how much I wish I could be there to learn from you!!!! Too bad the Pacific Ocean is in the way!

Becks said...

Another reason to add to my list of why I want to move to Hawaii. Taking classes would be soooo much fun! Not to mention these classes are on my birthday week! Hmm. Time to ask the family for a special birthday present!

Sonja said...

I would LOVE to take both of these classes? Is there any chance for future classes to be conducted online?! :)

Natalie. said...


I really really want to, but I don't know how to set it up!

Ashleigh said...

Gimme gimme gimme! I want to take them!

alexismdyer said...

hi there i'm on old friend of Chels' and was wondering if you'd ever do a week long class so us mainlanders could come? thanks!


Tara said...

oh crap! i would be totally interested but i am in utah during those dates! boo.