18 August, 2008

Summer Contest Photos of Note.

I could honestly post about a zillion more photos from the Pics and Kicks Summer Contest. There were so many strong images this time around, but here are a handful of images that I think deserve a quick feature even though they didn't make it into the finals. I didn't put the websites in as quick links because Blogger is misbehaving. Sorry!

Photo By Courtney Winnie

Photo by Lacy J Pappas

Photo by Doris Doppler

Photo by Soli Deo Gloria Photography

Photo by Natalie Baldwin

Photo by Crystal Courtney

Photo by Heather Mildenstein

Photo by Kelli Saunders

Photo by Kristen Kanenwisher

Thanks to everyone who entered!
Y'all make Pics and Kicks so gosh dern fun!

Happy Shooting!




Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

These are so great. It seems like people are having an AMAZING summer. I wish we could all get together and have a summer partay!

Matt said...

WOW!!!! TONS of true talent!

Anonymous said...

These are all amazing summer pictures! Love them!

kanaboke said...

those are really awesome! I have to say that the picture of the corner of that orange floater thingy (friggen run on sentences)really triggers thoughts of summer in my mind..amazing photos!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise for me when I turned my computer on this morning just to find my photo published here ;-)I think all these shots have a strong summer feeling. Greetings from Austria!

Crystal Chick said...
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Crystal Chick said...

Wow, thanks for the honorable mention. I'm ... honored. :) And I agree with everyone else, these pictures are all amazing.

Lacey Jane said...

Also... thank you for the shout-out. I love all of these images- especially Doris'. What a great composition!

Thank you for the fun contest.

sophie said...

thanks for the shout out nat! you are so sweet! im ready for the next contest! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for featuring me amongst such truly awesome shots! Much appreciated. Great idea, and a great way to discover new photographers!