16 August, 2008


Holy canolie rigatoli flopolie. . . This.Was.Close!!! But the winner is Sheena Jibson of SLC, UT!!

Sheena wins a week long feature in the side bar of Pics and Kicks as well as a $25 gift certificate to the eating establishment of her choice!! Congratulations Sheena!

Here are the runner's up, in no particular order:

First the blackberries by photographer Damaris Palmer. Damaris owns a popular cooking blog, Within the Corners of my Kitchen. Be sure to check it out.

Next we have the kid's in the sprinklers by photographer Brian Crofts.

Summer hats was submitted by photographer Heather McCullah of One Shot Beyond Photography.

Ferris wheel was submitted by Jackie Larson.

On Monday I'm going to be posting images of note from the contest
that didn't quite make it into the finals but were BEAUTIFUL and need to be shared!!

Have a great weekend!

Happy Shooting!!




Anonymous said...

Congrats Sheena! Incredible shot! All shots were insane!

KK said...

Congratulations Sheena!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! What fun to WIN! Yay! All of them were absolutely spectacular.

sheena jibson said...

Oh MY!! I cannot believe it....Natalie thank you so much for this fun contest!! thank you to everyone who voted for me (am I supposed to give an acceptance speech??) what an AMAZING group of photos to even be included with--happy summer everyone!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Congrats. your picture was very sweet. made me want to take my son outside and just enjoy watching him.

Anonymous said...

Good work Sheena...I just recently visited your blog for the first time and was blown away by all your dreamy images! YAY for you.

Thanks for doing this contest Natalie.

Jackie said...

Hey natalie
Sorry i was so hard to find. I was silly for not sending you a link with my photo entry, so anyways here it is jacquelineephotography.blogspot.com

Jackie L.