02 July, 2008

Canlas Wedding: Ian and Nicole.

I had a blast hanging out with my good friend Jonathan Canlas at Ian and Nicole's wedding in May. Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful friends. Beautiful. All of it. Enjoy.

Thanks Jon! Check out the real deal here.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are INSANE. I like the last one best. :-)

Jonathan Canlas said...

that last image totally is lame.

however, the others, freaking awesome.

thanks for coming and hanging out with us ninjas.

shelly said...

Oh Nat -- these are WONDERFUL!!! Really, really wonderful. Wow.

PhotoChick said...


Those pictures are phenomenal!!! I cannot get them outa my head :o)

And I'm going to be totally nosy and ask about the second picture: who's the young woman & what's she writing on the bottom of the shoe? I really, raelly love that shot, and it's been intriguing me ever since I first saw it!

You're so amazing, Natalie. I don't know how often you get told that, but I'm sure not enough!

ps - What day is your birthday actually on? Just wondered :o) Always like to wish special people a Happy Birthday ON that special day :o)

All my love,

PhotoChick said...

(*Smacking self in forehead*)

SOMEBODY needs to make sure she reads all the comments in other posts before she asks silly questions!

I just read all the comments under It's July, and saw that your B-day is in fact on the 26th of this month (Doh!) Well, at least now I know! :oP Haha!

May you have MANY happy days leading up to your Happy Birthday!


Aloha said...

I see the real deal here!! FRIKIN AWESOME NAT! AMAYZAZING!

Rach said...

Ok you are such a great photographer!! I love the all the pics. yOu have such a good eye for things, I wish I could see life through your EYES!!

Anonymous said...

i can't pick favorites from this set of images because they're all beautiful!! i love the color, the contrast of the bw shots, the sharpness, the shallow DoF... the expressions...amazing!!

Emma said...

Amazing photos. I've just stumbled on a site that has a tutorial by you. I wish you had done the photo's of my wedding. These are just perfect!

kanaboke said...

what a beautiful wedding! Love the shoe shots...did the wedding take place in UT? If so, where? the location is amazingly beautiful!!