03 July, 2008

Photo Quick Tip: Hydration

I know this sounds so silly, but I'm VERY serious about this one. I always try to carry a water bottle with me on every shoot. I even have a section in my camera bag that is dedicated to this little necessity. If I ever start to feel cloudy during a shoot . . . meaning I'm loosing my creativity. . . I'll take a quick water break. 1 min to take a drink and clear my mind. I ALWAYS jump back in more alert, more aware and more creative. ALWAYS.

Along these same lines, a good thing you can do to just be cool, like me :), is bring a few extra water bottles along with you. PARTICULARLY to weddings. Often you're out shooting mid-day in the hot hot sun. You'll notice your bride and groom are starting to droop. . . and WHAM you come flying in to the rescue. Hello bonus points. Hello fatty tip! :) But really, HELLO GOOD IMAGES! How can a bride wearing 499 lbs of sparkley poof dress really be expected to look beautifully natural in an image that's being shot at 12 noon in 100% humidity? GIVE ME A BREAK! So next time. . . help a sista out.

Oh, and if I could find them, I'd buy you all a water bottle like this one. . . and the spandex get up to boot. . .

Happy Shooting and Happy 4th of July!!!


Christopher said...

I die without water. I can always tell when I don't have enough. My brian starts to fade and I stop caring about what is in front of me.

I will now have to go look for water bottles likes these. :-)

shelly said...

From now I'm going to have an image in my mind of you looking like this whenever you shoot a wedding! Hahaha!
Great tips, by the way! And so very true.
Happy 4th of July!!!

Nate said...

I tend to carry water with my on all of my shoots as well.

Although, I've never been able to catch a fat tip for being prepared...My clients must be tight-wads.

Also, do you know of a great way to capture fireworks? I've tried a ton of different ways, but i'm rarely satisfied. Obviously I could go out and buy a 5k camera, and a couple thousand dollar lens, but how do I do that with cheep equipment?

slavin said...

HAHA I love those!