01 May, 2008

Uh Oh.

Uh oh. California availability is filling up fast! This is what I have left:

May 26th
May 24th

Then I'm off shooting in UT for a couple of weeks, then. . . it's back to CA where I have one more date open:

June 13: Edited to Include: This date is now FULL

Then it's back to UT. Utah is still pretty wide open. . . because I'm going to be there a lot longer! I'm still going to be limiting my sessions though. . . it is after all. . . a vacation! YEAH!

Just FYI: Sessions are at my regular rate of $300 HOWEVER during my trip this cost will also include a high res disk of images (valued at $100) with a signed release so you can print wherever your little heart desires AND a $100 print credit through my professional lab!!

What's this all about you are asking yourself? Oh, you must have missed it: here you go.


Heather Capener said...

Natty! Are you going to be in Cali the end of May!? I am going to be in LA (Santa Monica) the 23rd through the 28th. Maybe we can hook up? Let me know, it would be so good to see you!!!! shoot me an email!

Chris said...

Oh man - how cute is Raleigh!!! I just looked at his blog!!! his pictures are actually really great! I love that he is your little shadow! So adorable!

Jessica said...

Ohhhh, I'll be in UT June 16-24!!!

Natalie. said...

Jessica... I do believe I owe you a free session! You won the logo giveaway contest...free phone consult or a free portrait session. Since you're in VA we settled on the phone consult, but if you'd like to switch over...I'd be happy to shoot your family!



PS- You need to go to Vegas. You are brilliantly lucky my girl. Brilliantly.

Jessica said...

haha!! Horray! I would love that!!!

OMI said...

SIGN US UP for your Utah Tour Rock star. I've waited...3 years for our next Natalie Norton Family Photo. I laughed when I read your last Twitter...Ryders sentence structure goes like this...Hi Mama Kaka..Love you Kaka...Kaka Shishi Mama. ohh and MUSTASHHH....OH WELL..I LOVE Ya Sis

Heather said...

I'm leaning towards the 26th. Hubby should be home tonight to talk it over with. :)