14 April, 2008

Today I Love:

Today I love. . . YOU Rykel. We had so much fun spending your birthday with you! You're going to make an excellent 3 year old. I'm certain.

We started things off at TVA park. Whoot whoot. Who doesn't love a good Capri Sun on a hot Hawaii morning?

Then we went to paint pots.

Apparently some of us think paint is for eating.

Then it's off to Chuck's.

Shae did NOT love Chuck. This was taken right after he gave him a good ol' wack in the noggin. It was hilarious. Chuck got closer and closer and Shae held off in terror as long as he could . . . then he swung at him and bopped that mouse right.
He got over it. Don't worry. We ended our day with take-out from Chili's enjoyed at the park.

Tire swings. . . remember that pukey feeling they used to give you? I sure do. Rykel and Raleigh didn't seem to mind.


Happy birthday!

Your Auntie Nat sure does love you!



Photography in this post by yours truly with select images by my man Richie.


Heather said...

can those photos and that day get any cuter? I think not! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sharing your "day in the life of"! It made me so happy! I really love your picture of the tire swing. Wow!

Heather said...

Yay nana! The margins look fantastic!

Rach said...

totally love the pics. I just love the angles and everything. You are so amazing!! I'm so glad that you were there to take pictures. What a great AUNTIE!!

jase said...

Im glad you were there for more than just the camera......how bout that rach. just kidding.
Nat that was a great day we all had together. thanks for the documentation. It is awesome.

Annie Link said...

Thanks! I think this is my favorite way to visit Chuckie Cheese. The shots are all gems. You're friends are all very lucky humans-Nothin like havin a photog in the hood!

Jessica said...

I love the first one!!!

SW Portraits said...

Oh.... I LOVE this post!! Mostly cuz I'm related to these Bennetts!! ;) I can't believe how much these kids have grown! Sooooo cute! You do amazing work!