06 January, 2008

A Cousin! FINALLY!

I had the awesome blessing of being able to shoot my sister Stephanie and her darling hubby Kevin this past week in Oceanside! They live in Laguna Naguel and drove down for the afternoon so that we could do the shoot. It was SUCH fun! Honestly, this couple is the most tender, loving couple I have EVER met. They are perfect for each other. This baby is one lucky boy coming into a family full of so much love and acceptance. Truly Steph and Kev, my deepest and happiest congratulations! I love you guys!

PS- The baby is due in February. YES, she really is THAT pregnant, and YES, she really does still look THAT hot.


Anonymous said...

Nat, these are just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you again, SO much! We love you! Kev 'n Steph

shelly said...

AWESOME pictures, Natalie! Really!! They're just gorgeous -- the pictures and the couple.

Annie Link said...

Natalie, what incredible pictures. I know it doesn't hurt that Stephanie is so, so beautiful--but each of these shots is just amazing. Can't wait to meet Cole. They're going to be such cute parents.