02 December, 2007

Which Side are YOU?

Although I AM talking Right or Left, unlike the rest of the country, I'm not drooling Red or Blue . . . donkey vs elephant in a duel to the death (grr. . . what a fight THAT would be . . . no seriously. Just close your eyes for a second and try to imagine what a fight between a donkey and and elephant would actually LOOK like. Ha ha! Not far from American political reality though is it? Hmm. Another day, another post). I'm talking brain power people.

An Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun, ran a story back in October all about the traits of right and left brainers. There's a fun test to help you determine which side you favor. Check it out, and then come back to read the rest of the post.

**Just a note. Naked dancer started out turning counter clockwise when I looked at her and then almost immediately switched to clockwise and then seemed to switch back and forth incessantly between the two (favoring the clockwise dance slightly toward the end). Because of this I assumed it was a hoax, so I called Richie over to look at it with me. For Richie she went clockwise (all the while my brain is making her change back and forth over and over). When Richie looked really hard, he was able to see her going counterclockwise at which point she seemed to stay that way (again all the while my mind kept switching her back and forth back and forth). So what does that mean? I guess I'm just OUT OF MY MIND! And Richie's a Democrat . . . Don't know which is worse. . . Ha ha HA! **

Leave a comment and let me know which side of the brain YOU favor. This kind of stuff intrigues me.


Heather Capener said...

Well this time it was clockwise and I couldn't get it to switch. But the very first time I looked at this test it was clockwise and I could only get it to switch when I looked at it from my peripherals. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

It was anticlockwise at first then switched when I looked from my peripherals also. I could keep it clockwise then it would flip. Then clockwise then flip. My eyes strained when it was clockwise. I wonder if that means anything? I was actually waiting for a crazy image to loudly flash on the screen and scare me.

I hate those emails.


The Price Family said...

I thought I was crazy at first because I saw it go clockwise then it kept switching between the counterclockwise and clockwise. so that must mean I am super smart or something. hahaha

Annie Link said...

This is so STRANGE. I've always considered myself to be left brained, always been told I was left-brained, I write with my right hand (supposedly a left-brained trait), BUT there is NO WAY that dancer is moving counter-clockwise!! Looked at it sideways, close-up, upside down, glasses on, glasses off--that dancer is ONLY moving clockwise for me. I'm having an identity crisis here. Am I right-brained??? No, wait. That article came from AUSTRAILIA! It must reverse directions when it crosses the equator, right?

Bungeegal said...

She went right first for me then when I scrolled down and back up again, she turned left! I think the picture is either a ploy to make us all crazy lol or it isn't really a true representation of right vs. left!

By the way I love the Colbie song, I never heard of her before this weekend and I already have it on my Itunes!

Jackie--I hate those pop out and scare you to death pictures too! =)

shelly said...

She is going clockwise. Continually clockwise. ONLY clockwise! It's impossible that she's going any other way! Yeah, Annie! It's you and me:)

shelly said...

Rick did EXACTLY the same thing you did! What the heck does that mean?? Hahaha!

Erik Norton said...

Clockwise and Beautiful