03 December, 2007

Raleigh Rocks!

Guess who learned to ride their bike without training wheels? Guess who did it on the first try? Guess who didn't fall once? Guess who rocks my world?? You guessed it! It's Mr. Raleigh Rocks, Raleigh for short.


Annie Link said...

Raleigh you DO ROCK!!! I am so impressed! First time? A-mazing! Unkie had a bike the same size as yours when he was little and he learned to ride it fast--just like you. (Maybe he was running along side of you to make sure you didn't fall . . .) I KNOW he's sure proud of you, too! We ALL are! Good for you Raleigh-kins! I lova, lova, lova you! -Grammie

shelly said...

RALEIGH! Yay! Good for you! Isn't it SOOOO exciting to get on and just.....ride?! Wow. What a great big boy!

Heather said...

RALEIGH, RALEIGH, RALEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing boy you are! I'm SOOO impressed with you! That's a really big deal! Good job!

Gibson Gang said...


Hey there! My mom forwarded me your blog address - I just checked out some of the most amazing family photos! Wow, I didn't realize you were such a talented photographer. Your kids are beautiful. I'm lovin' this blog thing, I just got into it this year - what a great way to keep track of long distance friends! I hope you don't mind me adding you to my addresses... I'd love to check up on ya from time to time. Our link is keliiandlinds.blogspot.com

Hope all is well. With love!

p.s. Raleigh, you're awesome! Maybe you can show Maika how to do that some day.

Rach said...

Raleigh, you are AWESOME!! the girls and I are jealous!! such talent

amanda said...

Hey Natalie! Raleigh is so amazing, and so are your beautiful photos! How old is he now?