05 December, 2007

Did you miss me?

High wind advisory last night + Hawaii's finicky electrical wiring = no power from about 2am to about 5:00 this afternoon (but our internet has been out since around 11:00 last night). And we're lucky! We happen to live on the NORTH side of Laie, the Hauula side is STILL in the dark at 11:30pm!

Despite the bad weather the past few days culminating in the electrical outage, today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The stuff all you mainlander's tropical dreams are made of, blue skies as far as the eye could see. We had a great day BBQ'n with the Bennetts and the Pierces. Thanks for the fun!


Heather said...

I kinda of liked it a lot when the power went out when I was in Hawaii. It was cool because everyone just stopped everything and anything that they were doing and just hung out, sat on the curb, "chilled", and had fun BBQ's like you did! I wish I could've been there with you!

shelly said...

I think there should be at least two unplanned, forced, but fun holidays a year! Guilt-free -- responsibility-free. I'm glad you've got your power back!

Annie Link said...

Your huge storm has reached us. We've been hunkering down under a tropically juicy rain/snow storm for the last 24 hours. Alta has had 14" new snow since last night--and it's still snowing. I'll bet their final snow total will be 3-4 feet, easy. Sorry it took your electricity, but thanks for sending us the moisture! We need it!! Yea baby! (Richie quote) Keep it coming!!