15 December, 2007

Lighting the Way. . .

Every year on Christmas Eve, just before sunset, you'll see a warm glow from my hometown of Alpine, UT. Each year, families set out white luminaries along the street in front of their houses, symbolically lighting the way for the Christ Child. This majestic tradition transcends tenderness in a county that is increasingly disturbed by the presence of God in the public (and I venture to say private) lives of it's citizens. I'd like to thank the good people of Alpine for continuing to stand tall as followers of The Savior, Jesus Christ.

*I remember every year Dad and Gavin going out to light the luminaries (my Dad grumbling about the cold all the way). Earlier in the day we'd fill all the bags with sand and a candle and set them in the back of the Landcruiser, then at sundown Mom would say, "OK boys, time to light the luminaries!" And off they'd go to set them up along the road and all the way up to the front porch because mom wanted Christ to know he wasn't only welcome in our town but in our home as well. Then we'd all hop in the car and drive up and down the the roads (with our lights off, much to mom's chagrin) singing Christmas carols and feeling so full of happiness, peace, and anticipation we could have burst at the seams. Merry Christmas Gaver Dave! Sure will miss you!

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shelly said...

My mom used to light luminaries every Christmas season up and down our driveway when I was growing up! I love them.