15 December, 2007

Growing Pains

Honestly my 4 year old thinks two decades ahead of himself. He has spent the last couple of weeks SERIOUSLY concerned by what he's going to do when he grows up. We spend hour upon hour, truly and Richie can attest to it, conversing about different occupations, and after each discussion he gives me every con imaginable and then it's back to the drawing board.

Today we're driving along, once again discussing Raleigh's 20year plan, when I suggest that hey may want to consider a career in dentistry.

Mom: "Hey, I know one we haven't thought of! You could be a dentist!" I say.

Raleigh: (Cue voice of exasperation bordering complete fury) "A DENTIST!?! (pause for further reflection, aka disgust). . . A DENTIST??!?!?!!"

Me: "Ok, so I take it you DON'T want to be a dentist."

Raleigh: "That is SO GROSS!"

Dad: "Why is that gross Raleigh?"

Raleigh: "A DENTIST!?!?!? And stick my hand down people's mouths?" And I promise you this next line came from his mouth verbatim: "Seriously mom, that is SO GROSS!" Then he paused for a few seconds and in complete exasperation he said, "Dad, would you EVER be a dentist?!?"

I got a great laugh out of this, the deep hardy belly kind! Mmmm.


shelly said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Oh, Raleigh!!! My sentiments...exactly. I can't WAIT to see that little big boy!

Ashley said...

That is so cute. Presley often tells me she never wants to grow up and she never wants to get married. But every once and a while she will slip up and say when I am married or when I am a Mom I will... Of course I am quick to remind her she will not be doing those things because she is not growing up. Kids...I love their logic.