04 November, 2007

Pierce Family Shoot

Here they are again! I love shooting this family!!

I know, darling right?

This one rocks my world. . . they just look so "them."

Yes, he is always that cute.

Now I can't tell you how I choose my favorite shot of the day. . . there's never a rhyme or reason to it. In fact, most often my favorite shot is not my best work compositionally. They just resonate with me. . . . you know, speak to me. . . hmm. . . "What do they say?" you may ask. . . I haven't the foggiest; they all speak Dutch. But here's my favorite from my afternoon with the Pierces:


Heather Capener said...

Natty!! Hi, I'm in Boise still. I am back in school doing nursing. I really like it, school is school. I really enjoy it most days. Sometimes though the motivation is gone out the window.
I love your favorite shot of the day, it's my favorite too. I think it speaks loads of love in that family (if that makes any sense at all) =)

Lindsay Ross said...

They are such an adorable family! I love your photography

shelly said...

Awesome pictures, Nat! Wow! Those are the first pictures I've seen of J! Talk about adorable! Is he still going to be on "Lost"? Chris and Taylor -- what a cute family!

Heather said...

You have been chosen for a challenge: In your next post, write 20 things about yourself.

Heather said...

It's really easy to post songs....it just looks hard. So one way is to just post it from YouTube. The way I did it was that I went to www.aimini.com and looked up the song that I wanted. Then I copy and pasted the "embedded code" that is under the song. Then I pasted it into my post and found a picture to go with it. Aimini doesn't have a TON of songs, but it has some. Check it out! It's fun! If you can't' figure it out, just call me and I'll walk you through it.

Erin said...

oh ok so you took the pics. do you do it professionally? i need someone to do pics of my husband and i...not a fan of our engagements...so we need something new and i loved the pics you took of the pierce family! how much would you charge? my email is emlow07@gmail.com