14 November, 2007

Oh Heather!

Heather challenged me to write 20 things about myself. You crazy blogging challengers. . . This is quickly getting out of control. (I secretly love it, shh).

1. I REGULARLY wish that life were a musical. Wouldn't it be SO much better if when you got angry at a "customer service" rep you started rapping and dancing an angry stomp rather than just telling him off? Or if when your husband stayed up late and did the dishes, upon waking and seeing the clean kitchen you sang a ballad entitled "Ode to the Kitchen Sink" . . . Aw come on, you're totally into it.

2. Brittish films!!! = LOVE THEM!!

3. I'm told I have a funny inflection when I say the phrase "Peed my pants." Aparently I put the emphasis on the word "Peed" when it "should" be the word "pants" that takes the inflection.

4. Favorite foods:

The last picture looks nasty, but mmm, I bet they'd taste DELICIOUS!

PS- I peel my grapefruits and eat them like oranges.

5. I crack my nuckles. Though my mother thinks it's a nervous habit. . . it's not. I could be calm as a summer's day and I'd still pop pop pop. I know, sick right?

6. Countries I've been to:

Romania, Hungary, France, Austria, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico. . . there should be one more, but I can't remember which I left off. . . there should be 12, but I'm stuck with 11. . . pathetic. Seems THAT would be something you'd not quickly forget. . . . stupid "mommy brain." Which do you think was my favorite?

Austria. . . ahhh. . .

But Hungary is a VERY close second, followed closely by Italy and then Canada believe it or not. Next I would have to say. . . Switzerland and England Tie. Mexico is wonderful too. . . where does it fit???!?!?!? Oh and I obviously love Ecuador most because I lived there so my heart all saturated in it. Germany and France are great too, but not the favorites. . . but wait, that's not true. . . the west of France is amazing! So is the South. . . ok, game over. They're all WONDERFUL and I'd live in any one of them in a heart beat--maybe not Romania; nope, don't think I could live there . . . but it is amazing nonetheless.

7. States I've lived in for more than a year:

Hawaii, Utah, California, Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia . . . is that all mom? The list seems shorter than it should. . . Which do you think is my favorite??

Hawaii is only my favorite because I live there now. . . Colorado is WONDERFUL. . . California is well. . . CALIFORNIA!! Who doesn't love it there? Utah is the most "homelike" to me now because I spent the most time there. I don't really give a hoot about South Carolina or Georgia because I don't remember living there.

8. My favorite color is RED. . . in all it's wonderful shades, except for the bright, orangie one . . .

9. I once wet my pants in a parking lot (as an adult, yes. I was 19 I think). Back then I was a dancer, and I had to run off to a rehursal, SO my best friend TRADED me pants!! Yes, oh yes, she wore my pee pee pants and let me wear her nice dry ones.

10. I have a recurring dream. . . the circumstances are always different, but the theme is always the same: me with twin babies!!

11. I walk out of movies all the time and get my money back. If I'm bored, "refund please." If it's inappropriate, "refund please." If my kids are being too wild, "refund please." If I just think it's stupid, "refund please." I've never been hassled about it, not once. They always just give me my money back. No questions asked.

12. My mom got my name from Natalie Wood. . . so did about 20% of other mothers of babies born in 1981 apparently. . . ha ha!

13. Guess who I totally love?

14. I have an annual pass to both the Zoo and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Funny thing is, I live an hour or more from the zoo and we go just about every week. I live less than 5 minutes from the PCC and I don't think I've been since like March or April.

15. I've been give the following nick names:

Nat Nat
Natty Gascar
Natty Ghann
Nata (there's a funny story behind this one, ask me about it sometime)

16. I really don't love these, and by don't love I mean Hate, but this one is pretty funny. I ALMOST want to pet it.

17. My Grandmother used to wake up every morning, look out the window and say, "oh good! Just the kind of day I wanted." Rain, snow, hail, hurricane. . . whatever. I want to be like her, so I say it every day too (even though sometimes I'm secretly thinking, "oh come on already! Rain AGAIN?!?!?!" I'll get there. You mark my words; someday I'll be as cool as Lucy Annette Cardon Carlos).

18. I was voted most likely to become "Dear Abby" by the class of '99.

19. This guy:

Kissed me on the cheek, jumped into a limo and then that same night I watched him present live at the Emmy Awards in New York City.

20. My parents know this lady but I don't. Maybe some of you recognize her.

And no, I won't get you on the show or pass a message along to her.


Heather said...

YAY Nat!!! Great facts about you!

Anonymous said...

You touched Liam! I love him!!!!! I am so jealous!

shelly said...

I knew I didn't know everything about you, Nat! Now I do! Hahaha! I love you...