30 October, 2007

Dory and Daddy!

It was so fun a couple of weeks ago to shoot our dear friends Dory and Jesse (and baby Elizabeth of course. . .). The poor little dears were such good sports when about 10 shots into our session they got POUNDED by a rogue wave! Well, they were rock stars and we rode the horse the direction it was going, so that's why they're both pretty dang wet in most of these shots. . . Can't wait to meet you Elizabeth. I sure do love your momma (Jesse, you too!).

Let's start with my favorite shot of the day:

Here's the shot just before the tsunami. . .

And right after. . . in true Price form. . . still smiles all around!

This baby is coming into such a loving relationship. Just look at them!!

Rad huh! I love the contrast:

Just a couple more:

Elizabeth, Elizabeth. . . can't wait to spend Christmas with you! HINT HINT! You dang well better show up by then or your mom is going to loose her mind! We'll love you either way ;).

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Natalie! Absolutely beautiful!
Love you,
I have to sign in as "anonymous"! Sorry! My blogger name won't work -- even when I change it!