25 September, 2007

Beautiful Balliet Belly!

I had SUCH a great time shooting this darling little family. Momma, Heather, is one of those hot pregnant gals that mom's like me totally despise. . . seriously, she makes being "big" with child look GOOD! OWW!

See what did I tell you, hot right?! And so sweet. Troy and Heather have such a tender relationship. It was just precious watching them together. Look at this next shot; you'll totally see the tenderness I'm talking about.

And this is the big brother Finn. . . have you seen a cuter 2 year old?! So fun! He kept trying to bite my toes while I was taking pictures of his mom, but just gently. It was so so FUNNY!

It was so hard to choose favorites from this shoot! This family was so fun and all the pictures totally speak to that. Anyway, these last two are my favoirtes because the first just makes you want to be their kid and feel some of that love Finn and his new baby sister have and the second is just classic in every way. So much love!! Everywhere you look!

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Scott & Tami said...

Nat-you are so amazing. I'm due next week, I wish you could come take some photos of the kids and my belly....too bad the pacific ocean is between us. You are a great photographer....I miss you!