11 June, 2007

Chris and Taylor

This was a really special shoot for me. Chris and Taylor are some of Richie and my dearest friends, and so it was double wonderful to capture this special time with them. We're all so excited to greet little Scout Pierce! I'm still holding out for the 13th of June, we'll see if Taylor can wait that long. . . (ok, so it may be J Pierce, but I need a girl in my life, so I'm rooting for you Scout!!).

I loved this next series because it feels so intimate to me. It's all about the precious relationship between husband and wife. It's so essential for a family to have the bond between mom and dad that this group of pics exhibits. Chris and Taylor are obviously crazy about eachother and it's totally refreshing.

I'm not quite sure how to verbalize these next few. . . they speak for themselves. . . they just capture that time of peace and clarity, similar to that state between sleep and awake, when everything seems in focus and . . . right.

Taylor shines. She kept insisting she's not photogenic; these shots say otherwise.

Ooo. . . ah. . . oh. . .

My favorite shot of the day:

Chris' favorite shots of the day:

And of course the sunset series:

Then off for chips and salsa! Oh, it was a great day!


Erik Norton said...

Love is the answer.. Bellies are beautiful.. That's neat that they don't know if it's a man-child or a she-baby.. Your photography is a ruby..

Heather said...

WOW!! You are AMAZING!!!!! I'm obsessed with your photographs! I love your blog too..WAY CUTE! P.S. Taylor's the cutest pregnant girl I've EVER seen! (besides you of course!)

Chirs Pierce said...

You rock my world. I mean this.

Shelly said...

Natalie....these are SO beautiful!! I really love your photography. You're so talented and creative! What an amazing portfolio for them to have of this exciting time of their life.

amanda said...

Natalie, these photos are beautiful. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Aloha, I happened to see your amazing photographs and was wondering if I can ask you to take my engagement photos. I want to contact you in person but was not able to find any phone number or anything. please let me know!! thank you so very much, mht0508@hotmail.com