03 July, 2010

Southern UT FYI.

A facebook friend (thanks Margie!)
informed me today that the
Southwest Utah Public Health Department
is currently offering FREE Tdap vaccine to anyone ages 19 through 64!

I hope that given the current outbreak in CA,
other community health departments across the country
will follow suit.

If you're in the area,
get more information here.


Margie said...

I am trying to find out if my local health department is offering the same program (Central Utah Public Health Department). I will keep you posted! By the way -I found out about this through the Beaver County Sheriff's Tweets!

Love to you and your family!

Tiffany said...

There is definitely a raised awareness about the Whooping Cough. I recently saw a commercial about getting the vaccine of you are a parent or around small children. U thought of you and hope more parents get this vaccine.
How was your Orlando vacation?

Brooke said...

Utah's local health departments are offering free ones right now too! We are going next week.

Jenny said...

I am so glad the word is out. Before hearing your story i had NO idea the importance of this vaccine for adults. I live in S.Utah and i now have noticed the adds in those papers everyone gets in their driveway and also on TV. You are also doing an AwEsOmE job at spreading the word.

Ash said...

I was just reading the latest issue of the Southwest Utah Public Health Magazine. An article about you there brought me here. Then brought me to tears. Thanks for creating awareness. Is it crazy that I never thought to have my husband get this immunization as well?