12 April, 2010


during the early weeks
(including, and perhaps especially, during those dreaded ones spent in the PICU)
intense feelings of anxiety overran sleep.

this (via mom) saved the day:

Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, oz, 16 oz powder
(all natural and all amazing)

just thought someone out there might like to know.

and, I'm not sure how to say this gracefully. . .

it might give you the runs.
but only at first.



ahh! I talked about poopies on my blog!


Oy! Just read that there's also a kids calm!
I'll definitely be checking into that
as I've got a munchkin with SPD who may really benefit!

Don't worry.
I'll return and report.


Anonymous said...

Every single one of us in this family ( including the baby) use Calm. My middle-schooler asks for his nightly glass. We prefer the orange over the raspberry but both are effective!

Unknown said...

hey hey hey ! i am super familiar with SPD. Thanks for the heads up. Im sure you've read the "out of sync child?" and the "out of sync child has fun?", if not huge life savers.

Misty said...

please do let us know how it works on our kiddo. i have a little one with a SPD also and would love anything that may help!

Web Designz by Kristi said...

We use the kids calm for my son who has constipation - totally does the trick!

Tiffany said...

Thank you for posting this.I followed your link to amazon and read the reviews on it. Wow. I think that this may help my family out.

Ashleigh said...

Thanks Nat.

Natalie Hill said...

what you really meant to title this post:

NATALIE HILL, you freaking lunatic, take control of your life, stop wishing someone would supply you with xanex or valium, and take this!!!


who needs stamos, when i have norton!

bright lights, big cities said...


I'm a reader of your blog, but have never commented... when I saw the picture of "calm" I couldn't control myself! I LOVE THIS STUFF!! It is also great for hiccups.... as well as everything else!

Angela said...

Loving the Calm! My coworkers kept talking about it, and I finally gave it a try last year! Good stuff!
Yay Natalie!

Ashley said...

I have used this as well. Totally does the trick. :)

Unknown said...

It is like you are speaking right to my over anxious brain...which does not let me sleep. Thanks!

Addie said...

I'd do research before giving it to kids. We give MgSO4 to pregnant moms to stop preterm labor. It really drugs them out (sleepy) and the babies come out hypotonic. I'm not saying that small doses may be helpful (theoretically), I just haven't had time to research and don't want to see a kid with respiratory depression in the meantime.

Health By Lisa said...

this stuff is great - i've been using it for a while. i need the extra magnesium and the calming effect is nice too :-)