12 April, 2010

mornin' monday.

50mm, 1/60th, 2.8, ISO 1000

This made me amazingly happy today.


Celia said...

OK... and how cute is that!?!?!?! Adorable!

Niki said...

How do you get such clear photos with such a high ISO? Mine area always grainy! I wish I could work right next to you for awhile...you are truly amazing!

Natalie. said...


Oh girl. I totally added grain to that shot too. :) I WANTED it to be grainy. :) Come to one of the workshops, I'll tell all.



Ashley said...

I love this munchkins cute little teeth.

Annie Link said...

Natalie, you are my brightest star--and you light up even my darkest sky.

I love love love you, precious one.

Niki said...

Let me know when you are coming to Utah and I will be there :)