27 April, 2010

good times.


I spent the day in line at the Health Department
and then off to get passport pictures taken of all my crazies.
(um world, PLEASE never get pictures taken at Sears)

as if that weren't magical enough for a Tuesday. . .
I lost the car keys.

at the mall.

far.far.FAR away from home.

already exhausted from the hell
that is every government office on Earth
and from navigating the worst portrait studio EVER
with 3 rambunctious children.
(thank Heaven for the Jonas Brothers sing along DVD,
who ever woulda thunk it?)

3 hours later,
literally 5 minutes before they booted us onto the street
at closing time,
besties M + L were on their way down
to our rescue with the spare. . .
when magically the security guard called to say

miraculously the keys had been turned in.


tired to my core.

and so thankful that we have wonderful
friends like M + L who
(after searching high and low for our spare
AND driving 45 minutes-WITH baby in tow- to come save our sorry little booty butts)

just laughed the whole thing off and said simply:

"good times."

good times.

good friends.





Rachael said...

I would be a jibbering wreck after a day like that! Glad you got home. :)

Amy said...

I think Sears employees should be banned from taking photos. I sat through a Sears portrait session with my family last Christmas, and really, just had to laugh at the whole thing. There was nothing else I could do.

Also, thank goodness for good friends. M + L sound awesome.

shelly said...

UGH....I remember days like that! I thought I'd pushed those memories out of my mind when all the kids were out of the house, but the account of your day made them all come rushing back! If only those kind of days would prepare you for the next one that happens -- but it never seems to work that way! Love you, Nat!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

why didn't you just take the pictures? we do it at home in our white walls and then crop. Passport pictures are supposed to look bad. we do a good job at taking bad pictures. Maybe that's why you decided on Sears.

cool now that you al have passports you guys should totally go to Brazil. wait till we're there and then you can stay with us even though I'm sure Richie has friends.

ihavemostlybeen said...

Thank you for that, you made me laugh WITH you at your misfortune, not at you - that would be mean! Stuff happens, doesn't it, have had a similar one myself that got close to a finish with the enchilada sauce explosion down the front of me - with still 2 guests to arrive so had to do a quick change and has now mellowed out with a looooong cold drink and a good book!

Vivianne C. said...

This so cheered me up. Sorry it was not fun but as you said, it's good times and there is always the good friends! :)

mckenzie said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with days like this!:)

Annie Link said...

Tell M. and L. I love them!

(It's no wonder your life is filled with good people. YOu are good people.)