15 April, 2010

discount ends TOMORROW!!

prices raise $100 tomorrow at 5pm PST!

Calgary: SOLD OUT
Seattle: 1 seat open

email me for information stat.




ps. jonathan canlas and I might (and by 'might' I mean 'totally are')
bringing an Envision on over to Alpine, UT!

pre registration has begun, email either of us to secure your seat.
more info coming soon.


Amanda said...

Can I get some info for the Alpine one? I live here! thorn.amanda at gmail.com

Alicia Nelson said...

if I was anywhere close to there, I'd be there! (i'm in Texas :( )

Trisha said...

don't forget me! I am totally coming to the Calgary one! :)
p.s- last night i had a dream that raleigh and cardon and i went to the mall.... it was a strange dream. haha

Taunya said...

would love some info. on Alpine, Utah. tcox@fvtech.com

photogirl said...

I am beyond excited to fly across the map to secure my 'second to last' spot in the Seattle workshop!

xoxo, Cass

I cant wait to have you 'knock our socks off Natalie!'

Erin said...

i wish you could come to southern cali or arizona before mid aug so I could take a class from you!!!

This is me.... Kristen said...

email the Alpine info to me, please!!

Brady and Rachel said...

So wish I were around Alpine, but we were just down there last month. But I'll walk by your house in HI while you are in Alpine and smile and think of you okay? Hope everything goes SO AWESOME for you guys!!!

alpinekleins said...

Alpine would be Awesome :)