30 November, 2009

shelly norton the photographer

Photo by Richie's Momma, Shelly.

Here's a little story that doesn't start with once upon a time because
I've always loved photography.
Since I was a kid.
It was a biological inclination.
My Dad loved it. . .
and since I was genetically engineered to be exactly like him,
I loved it too.
Then along came Shelly
and she made me love it in a whole new way.
Shell has a natural talent for photojournalism
that is just, well, remarkable,
and an amazing eye for nature work
(evidenced above)
that she obviously passed on to her daughter Heather.
I love photography.
I love Shelly.

the end.


RICHIE said...

Mom, You're photos around the house have inspired me since I was little! I've always been in awe of the amazing things you capture. Our home is SO SO SO cool with all those insane pictures. Thanks for being cool. Love you!

Heather said...

Mom, You're so amazing! I love you!

Jessica said...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

shelly said...

Dear DEAR Natty!
What a wonderful surprise! This touched me beyond words. I'm grateful.
And, ironically, this photo was taken this weekend as I hurriedly rolled down the window of the car, and as I felt the rush of cold air and raindrops I felt an OVERWHELMING rush of GRATITUDE for my world. And you are one of the most important pieces of my world. Thank you. I love you!

Alisa Greig said...

i love your little story. and the picture is of one of my very favorite things. that is so cool how all that talent is in one family :)

Jana Neser said...

I also love ShellNo! Coolest chick ever :)

Annie Link said...

How could I not love this little story? It's three characters are three of my most cherished people in all of existence.
Shelly, thank you for all the wonders you have brought to Natalie's life--and mine. You are a TREASURE!!