01 September, 2009

Not Too Shabby.

Love love loving this awesome maternity dress from Shabby Apple!
Being prego never looked so good.

I totally put it on and suddenly my thighs were
as tiny as hers.
Scouts honor.

It's light weight,
with not an ounce of frump
and with just enough sexy to make you feel like a woman again. . .
instead of say. . . a beached monk seal??

Totally flattering for any figure,
not to mention a complete and total steal.

oh and did I mention yet that it comes with
her thighs?

Most amazing thing.

Can't wait for this little human to make his big debut
so I can shop their everyday section.
Coveting everything in there right now.
Especially her:

Watch for me sporting this sister New Year's Eve.
I WILL have a waistline again by then.


Missy said...

Seriously you looked SO great in that! I want one!

shelly said...

I hope you're bringing to San Diego so I can see you in it! If not, I want a picture...DARLING maternity dress!

Rach said...

so when I am pregnant I get to borrow the dress right?......goodness..now you just have to find a place to wear that thing!! LOVE THE GREEN

.From Her. said...

What on earth!? How do I score that??? Dang it, anyway. I have been drooling over that dress for years and years... Ok, maybe not, but it feels that way.

I want to pregnant just so I can wear it.

You lukcy dog.

Anonymous said...


The Price Family said...

This dress is amazing. I love the color and I will definitely be getting me one of these when I have my next baby!!!

Heather said...

How did I not know about their maternity line when I was pregnant?! Good thing I know now! And that little black number...to DIE for! Thanks!

Annie Link said...

so, you DID buy the green dress??
I hope so!

Bri {collected} said...

I totally love the green one but it's always bothered me that they didn't steam/iron it before the photo!!! Every time I look at it, that's all I see!

But I might have to pick it up...I think you sold me on it!

Ashleigh said...

nat, i saw this tweet on facebook and went to shabby apple to look @ dresses and was like i bet she picked the green one. it's SO cute :)

Funding Universe said...

I'm glad you like the dress. It was a pleasure working with you and I LOVE the pictures of that San Diego wedding you did. Truly amazing.
-Rodney Rasmussen