01 September, 2009

Kevin Bacon goes to the swapmeet.

Once upon a time, someone needed a haircut.
So we had some fun in process.
Everything about these pictures makes me laugh out loud.

Please notice the necklace.
I'm laughing so hard right now.
Oh Mullets you bring me so much joy.


shelly said...

I'll never forget your side-splitting belly-laughter the first (and second) time you saw Richie's mullet pictures from when he was little! Hahaha! It was the style!! At least in California at the time:)

shelly said...

Oh! I forgot the most important thing!!! Raleigh looks AMAZING!!! Hahaha! Tell him he's a wonderful model.

Rach said...

HAHAHHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAH he totally looks like a little kevin bacon. hahhahahahahhahahhahahahaha