11 June, 2009

Mama Mia!

Happy birthday old gal! If I were there I would definitely lick your face just like Dublin, but somehow I doubt you'd be smiling quite as widely . . .

Pop Pop: I love mom because she is my soul mate!

Aunt Gretchen: I love Annie because she truly is my angel here on Earth.

Natalie: I love mom because she's AN ETERNAL OPTIMIST! And because even at 50 (ish) she laughed so hard she wet her pants in the middle of a busy London street. Pah! Yup, Mom, I said it! Happy Birthday!

Richie: Annie is the best! Me: That's your birthday love letter? "Annie is the best?" Richie: Annie is the bestEST!

Raleigh: I love that sometimes when she comes to visit she makes cookies.

Cardon: I love Grammie because she's awesome! That's why she gives me food and candy.

Lincoln: I love Grammie because I want lunch. Me: Why else do you love Grammie? Lincoln: Becaaaausssse. . . I love Erik! Me: Why else do you love Grammie? What does she do that makes you happy? Lincoln: She gives me shells and buys me candles!

Jen: I LOVE Annie for all she does, her caring, gentle heart and her forgiving nature.

Stephanie: I love Annie because she always has a lot of positive things to say about everyone and everything. She always makes you feel special and warm inside when you are around her. She just lights up a room when she is with you and you miss her so much when she is gone. She is a positive addiction! I love you!

Rick: I love Annie because she begat Natalie who begat Raleigh, Cardon, Lincoln and new baby Norton.

Shelly: One of the many reasons I love Annie is that she senses exactly what needs someone has and she tries to fulfill that need. The most generous person I know!

Erik: I love Annie because she loves life and finds joy even in the little things.

I love Annie because she is so sweet and super thoughtful. She goes out of her way and just remembers everyone!

: I love Annie because she is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Never forgets anything! For my birthday she brought me the best St. Patricks Day cookies in the world! And I'll never forget the white paper lillies that filled my hospital room with fragrance when Cole was born.

Chelsea: (coming soon)


Annie Link said...

OK you guys . . . it's not NICE to make people cry on their birthday . . .

BUT it sure is fun to feel so loved!

Thank you all! I love you all, soooooooooo much!!


Annie Link said...

Oh, and Natty, if you call me 'Old Gal' again, you're grounded.

Thanks for all your love sweet, sweet daughter of mine. I love you more than you can imagine.

Heather said...

Hey Richie- thanks for marrying Natalie. If you didn't I probably wouldn't have Annie as my dear friend.

richie said...

You're welcome Heather! I LOVE Annie so much! Annie - You are such a good mom to me! LOVE YOU!

ashmae said...

I love annie because every time I see her I feel loved. She is so thoughtful, and fashionable. happy birthday!

Olivia said...

I love Annie because no matter what she would always have a smile for me.I miss getting to see her all the time. She is the kind of person to welcome you into her home and make you feel like part of the family. Thanks Annie for being such an influence on me and for raising such a wonderful daughter who is one of my dearest friends.