11 June, 2009

Not Necessarily Blogworthy, Yet. . .

I just got this message on "my wall" from one of my favorite people on earth, Erin. Her blog consistently makes me laugh out loud.

"cardon, upon walking into my house: that's a whole lotta frikin' chocolate milk! (looking at Aaron's protein bag.)

then link says "hey, hey! remember when we danced with our legs??" (referring to Eriks band I assume? He kept saying, look! My legs are dancing!!)"

Facebook for life!

And just so you know, it really is ERIN who wrote this, she just happens to be married to AARON. Yes, it gets confusing. But their blog is called ae squared which I think is brilliant, clever and perfect.

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Anonymous said...

they are awesome! we all used to be in the same byuh 10th ward :) I served my mission with Aaron's brother. What a small world :)