21 June, 2009

Dear Richie.

Dear Richie,

Thank you.

Thank you for 3 perfect boys
and for the one squirming around inside.

Thank you for your insatiable optimism.

Thank you for believing that nothing is impossible
and for setting out to prove it.

Thank you for being kind to everyone
and for treating everyone like your very best friend.

Thank you for being honest
and for being worthy of such great trust.

Thank you for being hilarious.

Thank you for loving my family so much.

Thank you for working so hard.

Thank you for playing so hard.

Thank you for always being there for the boys;
you are 100% accessible and I can't think of a single thing that matters more.

Thank you for being so brave.

Thank you for being so generous.

Thank you for teaching me to RELAX.

Thank you for never being afraid to stand for what's right
no matter the consequences.

Thank you for being so loyal.

Thank you for loving me.

I couldn't have dreamed of more.

I love you!!



I honestly don't know who to credit for this image. We modeled at the Film is Not Dead workshop for Jon and so many people were taking pics that I don't know who took this specific one. . . I think it may have been Mark Wienberg???


shelly said...

I LOVE this picture, and I love everything you said. Happy Father's Day, Richie! You make a mom proud:)

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

this is a very sweet post. You have a beautiful family. You're boys are lucky to have such a good dad.