21 June, 2009

Dear Dad.

Dear Dad,

You are magic.

Thank you for teaching me to be strong and just get over it.

Thank you for also empathizing with me
so compassionately when life wasn't going my way.

Thank you for teaching me to be honest
even when it wasn't going to win me friends, money or popularity.

Thank you for being an example of humility
and true love.

Thank you for loving my mom so perfectly.

Thank you for teaching me to be loyal,
but not to be a doormat.

Thank you for working so hard
and being so amazingly generous.

Thank you for teaching me to forgive and forget.

Thank you for never dwelling on my mistakes.

Thank you for always having complete confidence in me.

Thank you for being humble
and always admitting your mistakes.

Thank you for being so tender
and never hiding your tears from us.

Thank you for being the perfect dad.

If Gavin were here, I know he'd add a big, fat, ditto
and a whopper of an I love you.




shelly said...

Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day, Greg! I feel so blessed to know you and love you, too. And thank you for raising a daughter that I love as my own.

Annie Link said...

And Natalie, thank you for being the most wonderful daughter Dad could have ever dreamed of!

He loves you SOOOOOOOOO,