28 April, 2009

MIke Colón Experience: Workshop Review.

Photographers who follow my blog know that I attended the Mike Colón Experience 4 day Intensive on Maui back in December. Many of you have since expressed interest in a review of my experience. As with anything I review, I want to make certain that you understand that I am a careful guard of my credibility. I only review that which I truly believe will bless the lives of my readers. That said, I am thrilled to give you a heads up as to what you might be missing if you don't hit up Mike's upcoming workshop in Southern California this May.

  • Do you want to push your business to the next level?
  • Do you want to learn to not only survive but actually thrive in an inconsistent and unpredictable economy?
  • Do you want to learn to master your gear and be prepared for every possible scenario you'll be faced with at the weddings you shoot?
  • Do you need to get back in touch with the artistic side of your photography?
The Mike Colón Experience is just what you've been looking for.

Here are 6 reasons to mark you calendar for May 18-24th . . . I tried to keep it down to 5 for the sake of brevity but couldn't do it . . . there are just too many good things to say!
1. The instructor. Mike Colón is very much a household name in the photography world, known not only for his business acumen but perhaps more importantly for his success in obtaining national recognition as a celebrated artist in such a highly competitive industry. For those serious about really "making it" in the wedding world, the opportunity to learn from someone who's really TRULY carved their name in stone on such a large scale shouldn't be overstepped.

2. You won't leave without being challenged both technically and artistically. A lot of us have become so complacent in our "process" and quite frankly that's just not OK. Our clients deserve the very best and likewise, we deserve to feel passionate, capable and connected to what we're doing. We've got to keep ourselves technically sharp and artistically passionate and Mike encourages, and even requires, both from his students.

3. The learning environment is superb. Mike is incredibly approachable. His remarkable knowledge coupled with his easy going personality make him a trusted educational resource for top photographers around the world.

4. In such an uncertain economy (and such a competative industry) you can't afford NOT to attend. When other businesses find themselves cutting back financially and in essence hibernating and weathering the storm, I have found that to be the time to push forward and really define yourself and your business. You can't get ahead without staying on the cutting edge. You will leave this workshop with knowledge that will help you jump beyond the competition. It's worth every dime and more.

5. The networking. From the first 10 minutes, you will feel like Mike's long lost bff. Because he is so loving and inclusive, you'll find that the entire group behaves in kind. You will leave with forever friends and business alliances you will be able to work with and lean on as you continue to build your business in the months and years to come.

6. The portfolio building. You'll leave with portfolio pieces that will literally make your heart sing. Enough said. (View my images from the workshop on Maui here, here, here and here).

There are only a few seats left, so register today!

Who is Mike Colón?

For the sake of brevity, I'll just mention a few of Mike's gazillion accomplishments. He is a highly successful, high demand celebrity wedding photographer who specializes in celebrity portraiture and high profile weddings (celebrities who have commissioned him for their weddings are Usher, Timbaland and Kenny Wayne Shepard to name a few). Mike was named a "Nikon Legend Behind The Lens" and he is a spokesperson (and sits on advisory panels) for several of the photo industries top corporations including Apple Inc., Pictage Inc., Epson America Inc., Lexar Media Inc. Perhaps more impressive is the fact he still finds time for so much philanthropic work with NGO's such as Thirst Relief International and NILMDTS.

Most importantly Mike is a remarkable family man and friend. He is a wonderful husband to Julie and father to 2 of the coolest little boys on the planet (and has not 1 but 2 buns in the oven to boot). He is a man of integrity, faith and absolute joie de vivre! Richie and I are so grateful to know and love the Colóns!


I can't wait to see what you accomplish next!

MUCH love,



Mike Colón said...

Wow! Is that me you're talking about?!! You are so awesome! Julie and I love and miss you guys! Thank you thank you thank you for your generous review!

shelly said...

What a wonderful review, Natalie! Mike Colon is amazing and your words are true and precise -- awesome! I'd LOVE to learn from him.

Gavin and Erin said...

Hey Natalie!

I could never even attempt to review Mike's workshop with such clarity! Very nice!!

For everyone else who may read this, both Erin and I attended Mike's workshop with Natalie this past December. After only starting our business 2 months prior, we knew that our sacrifice would undoubtedly be worth it!

To this day, Erin and I consider Mike's Intensive to be our launching point! The quality of our images changed by 1000% virtually OVERNIGHT thanks to Mike's teaching and patience. We doubled our prices the day we got back from Mike's workshop and have never looked back!

The environment is completely tailored towards learning; no question is too elementary, no person's voice goes unheard! I do warn you, however, once you attend Mike's workshop you will we spoiled for anything else! Mike, your workshops are worth their weight in GOLD. Erin and I could not be more thankful for what you have done for us both personally and professionally!

P.S. Say 'hi' to Richie for us Natalie! Hopefully see you soon!! :)



Thanks for posting this, I was also one of Mike's attendee back in June 08 for his NB workshop.

I love that he is personable and professional at the same time. Also, I have to echo my friend Gavin and Erin for saying that "the environment is completely tailored towards learning" and his marketing tools are a gem, his vision as an artist is genuine and taking our industry to the next level.

I highly encourage anyone who is on the fence to jump and make the decision to attend.



richie said...

I came along to Maui for the ride. Nat and I made it a little getaway. I learned SO much from Mike's workshop about business and marketing...I'm a financial and business development consultant and I left the workshop with so many ideas that I'm using now it's amazing. I'd say do whatever you can to set aside some time and money to go to Mike's workshop. It's an investment that will give you an incredible return. Go invest in yourself!
Mike, Julie, boys - You rock!

Annie Link said...

I wish I had some kind of business for you to review. This is the best I've ever read.

Lucky guy you are, Mike--though I've no doubt you've earned every word. Natalie doesn't hand out praise indiscriminately.

Nice work, both of you.

Anna Kim said...

Couldn't have said it better! This is so right on!