11 March, 2009

They Say it's Your Birthday.


John, Paul, George and Ringo
only have straight faces because they're trying to play it cool.
Hard to get, ya know?

Happy Birthday!
We love you!



Raleigh: I like Heather because she lets me sleep over at her house.

Cardon: I like Heather because I just like her.

Lincoln: I like Wanda.

Natalie: I like Heather because she values Pink Berry the way every good girl should.

Richie: I like Heather because magic rhymes with Heat Dawg.


Anonymous said...

That was a SWEET bday wish! So excited for you to go to London. Have you been before?

Annie Link said...


Heather said...

Well thank you Nortons!

Anonymous said...

I love Heather! I was there when she was born! Happy Birthday Heather! Very fun birthday card, Nat!