12 March, 2009

Me on the Web.

My post, The Art of Panning, went up over at DPS today.
Check 'er out.




Julie said...

love that idea...how's ur arm!

Anonymous said...

COOL picture! You always amaze me.

Annie Link said...

Been there (DPS). Loved the article. Love this pic. You rock.

ihavemostlybeen said...

Brilliant post and love the idea of swinging kids around one handed - have visions of little people hurtling through the air 'til Mummy got her grip just right!

alexismdyer said...

this was great! I can't wait to try it out!

I still am wishing that you could do a 4-5 day/weekend/week workshop. I love your stuff and know at least 5 ladies who would love to hang in HI and lean more from you!

You're fantastic! I love the shot above of the baby looking up- lovely.


Jenna Robert said...

This is so cute. And such a great idea!