01 January, 2009

I'm Reading.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a ravenous reader as of late.
But in case you're curious, I'm reading:

It's eye opening to say the least, fascinating at times, and to be perfectly honest, it's also painfully wordy and requires an iron will to pull through to the end. HOWEVER, I would recommend it to any mother with school age boys. The research is irrefutable and it's definitely causing me to take a long hard look at the education system in our community and make some tough choices about my boys and what it's going to take to get them the education they deserve. Check it out: The Trouble With BOYS.

Wondering what else has been on my nightstand this month?

Mother Warriors

Loved it. Expected the hostile musings of a bitter mother.
DID NOT get what I expected.
Pleasantly surprised.
Would recommend it to most.
Excluding hyper sensitive, Western Medicine junkies.

Listening is an Act of Love

Heart warming and simultaneously heart wrenching.
Left me feeling connected to the strangers all around me.
Would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Ashleigh said...

I'm definitely going to be buying a copy of "Mother Warriors." I hear wonderful things about it. Ooooh maybe I'll be a mommy soon :) Yay! xo

Kevin Lavin said...

Nice! I have a strong feeling we're going to need this with Cole. He's almost a year old and I can already see he's going to be a lot like me as a boy! Haha... Hopefully you will have a NIECE next so we don't go crazy! Hahaha

Natalie. said...


Oh c'mon. Ride the crazy train with Richie and I!! xoxo!

Kevin Lavin said...

Hahaha...Yeah, well I suppose that IS more exciting, right? :) Miss you guys, see you soon!