17 December, 2008

I'm Reading.

I'm reading this, and it's fascinating.

To all my loyal followers, I'm sorry I've been such a blog slacker lately. I've been working on the new blog (which should launch soon) and enjoying some much needed family time which has necessitated a little blogging break. Thanks for still loving me as much as I love you! xo, N


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Coming in from Twitter...This looks like a really good book Natalie. If you decide to share more let us know.

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...


Whitney Hardie said...

Nat! This is totally on my Christmas list. I love listening to these stories online. You are awesome!

Chung Nguyen said...

Storycorp is amazing. I just can't listen to it at work because oftentimes uncontrollable tears begin to fall. So lovely.