01 December, 2008

Christina's BYUH Senior Pictures.


Congratulations on you upcoming graduation!
Thank you so much for choosing me
to document this awesome time in your life!
The world is yours! Go be awesome!!

Sorry for ripping out your hair. ;)




Jenn said...

great shots Nat, as always! loving that pop of pink she is wearin! and those shoes!!!!

shelly said...

Every graduate should have pictures like this -- so awesome!

Ashleigh said...

i totally saw you guys shooting when i was driving on campus a few weeks ago (at least I think I did) and i was like man crazy people taking pics in the middle of the road. i guess that's what it takes huh? awesome pictures.

ps: i heart your shoes christina. they're so dang cute!

Rach said...

beautiful shots, i love the shoes in front of the school name. absolutely incredible!

Amber Duron said...
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Amber Duron said...

These shots are amazing Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Love the ones of her on the grass. She's so cute.