17 November, 2008

Dear Natalie.

Dear Natalie,

When should one add enhancements to a photo?



Your question about post processing is an important one. Photoshop has become an extension to the art of photography for some, but for others has become a crutch to mask poor photography. It is very important that post processing is used as a tool to enhance work that is already sound and NOT to "fix" work that is sub par. The amount of processing that is done to an image is an individual thing and your feelings on this will evolve the longer you're in the business and really consumed with the art.

There's my two cents. I hope they're helpful!

Happy Shooting!



Jonathan Canlas said...

salt and pepper to taste.

Anonymous said...

mint chocolate chip ice cream to taste.

Larry said...

Thanks! Unfortunately there are so many who use PS to mask...I try to get it right the first time!

Anonymous said...

I keep things to color or B&W; I try to avoid all the other tricks that is easily done, especially selective coloring. But, one thing is for sure: If the clients are happy then that's the end of the story. BTW, anyone know of a good batch-processing tutorial online? I'd like to get into that soon.