01 October, 2008

I've Been Thinking.

So, I've been thinking and I think I'd like to photograph a birth story. Um, no. I know what you're thinking, no nakedness or ickiness. I'd just like to document the amazing hours before and the sacred moments after a precious little soul makes it's Earthly debut. I wish wish WISH I had anything even remotely similar from my boys births.

Anyone out there pregnant and interested??
Email me.

PS. Phone Consult Report: UM WOW! So many scheduled calls and chats!
I'm only going to be accepting a handfull more for the month of October,
so if your interested, jump on it.


Heather said...

You should do Kindsay's.

Deanna said...

If you're still doing this in late March/early April, we may have to get the details!

Rach said...

Too bad I already had Wyatt, I would have loved that. AAAHHH next time.

Erin said...

dang it! I would totally be all over that if i was still in hawaii!

Jody said...

I work in L&D Nat.I love telling moms things like "today is your baby's birthday!" and "cherish these last few hours of your child's life within your body."
Mom's understand what I'm saying. It's a precious time when you're carrying life.

I also wish I could do photo's for them too because some of them just don't Understand what they're missing! They're taking cell phone pictures and the like lol.

Good luck!