05 September, 2008

Twitter Contest.

Want to follow me on twitter? Copy and paste following link into your browser: http://twitter.com/natalienorton.

Hi all! Look to your left at the top of the column where it says "Twitter Fun." Well, Twitter is where I can give fun little updates on my life and what's up in the day to day in the Studio and in mi Casa LOCAAAAAA. I update over at twitter (or text it in from my phone forcryingoutloud!!) and WHAM!! It's up on the bloggity for the world to see.

SO, on MONDAY, I'm going to announce a contest. BUT to win, I'm pretty sure you're going to need to be following me on Twitter. . .unless you just want to sit at Pics and Kicks all day refreshing your browser over and over so you don't miss an update. BUT I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE SUPER FUN!!! SUPER DUPERLY SO!

So head on over and get all signed up! IT'S FREE, it's FUN, it's FRESH, it's Funky. . . :) Here's the link: http://twitter.com/natalienorton. For some reason, YET AGAIN!!!, I can't get my blog to embed my link. DOH!

Have a good weekend!



Anonymous said...

i can't wait for your contest! i love your tweets!!

KK said...

i'm in! looking forward to it.

Dawn B said...

Hey Natalie,

Thanks so much for the comment...I get all giddy when I see I have a new comment on my blog! Your site is awesome! I will definitly be checking back to get some camera pointers. I am soooo a newbie into photography, so I love all the pointers I can get.
Stay in touch!
P.S. just some FYI for you...I WILL get to see Hawaii before I die! That one is just about #1 on my to-do list!

Justin M. Bowen said...

Hey nat...I must say that last week I "checking in" in on you and I read your post about Nie Nie. We have thought about it ever since, so we are having a huge print sale and donating EVERYTHING to NieNIe's recovery. If you want to send people to our blog for more info that would be great...bowenbabies.blogspot.com
Thanks for letting us find this, we want to do everything we can to help!
Hope all is great in your life.
Take care, Linds